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1-oz .999 Silver Reckless Metals Evolution/Devolution Proof Bar. Reckless Metals is a micro-mint business based in Utah. The front side is like a visual trip through time, showcasing the epic evolution of humankind. Watch those monkey ancestors go from navigating the jungle to strutting through the concrete jungle like bosses. It's like Darwin meets the Industrial Revolution, all on one shiny surface. But flip it over, and things take a dark turn. The back of the bar is an artistic gut punch. It's a brutal reminder of how we've devolved into a bunch of sheep. We go from sharp-dressed business tycoons to smartphone zombies, glued to our screens, losing ourselves in the process. And the background? Oh, it's a fiery descent into hell, a symbol of what happens when we forget our individuality. This silver bar isn't just metal; it's a wake-up call. It's a shout in the face of conformity and a rallying cry for you to stay true to yourself as you navigate the chaos of modern life. Each bar comes in a protective capsule and is laser serialized on the edge of the bar.. Micro mintage of 250. Serial # 170, 173, 175, 177, 178. Price is for each bar

1-oz .999 Silver Reckless Metals Evolution/Devolution Proof Bar

SKU: 036371A
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