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1-oz .999 Silver Reckless Metals Infected Lunar Ox Bar. Reckless Metals is a micro-mint business based in Utah. Recklace makes hand-poured silver art you will want to take with you to the grave. Hand-poured silver allows you a unique experience since no two pieces are exactly alike. This bar is a must have for lunar art bar collectors. So many times we see the traditional style lunar series with cute animals...not this time! Welcome to the year of the ox where the animals are infected and have turned on humans! This is the 2nd bar in the Infected Lunar series and is available with 3 finishes. Limited mintage of 100 (Antique) & 500 (Proof). Serial 10. Price is for the 2-bar set.

1-oz .999 Silver Reckless Metals Infected Lunar Ox 2-Bar Set

SKU: 036365A
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